Solid Digital aspires to be the company which turns conventional print advertising business into a modern one-stop professional solutions provider which is able to help customer achieve more with print advertising, to fulfill to every requirement.

We felt that consumers simply deserved more and better returns in their advertising and promotional investment, and we are here to deliver that ideology.

Indoor, outdoor, large format or business tools, we take each order with care and passion, going the extra mile to optimize value and eliminate all tedious process. In another words let us do the worrying for you while you lay back and relax.

Solid Digital pledges to incorporate technology into common printing and branding solutions, while offering the most cost effective methods. Our specialists are more than capable to serve different market segmentation. And while we are raising the benchmark of the printing industry, priority is even on our valued customers. It brings us great joy to see your satisfaction, it brings us greater joy to grow with you.


Over the years Solid Digital has been the leader of the industry and pioneer of many avant garde machines in the Penang. Many wondered what is our trade secret in long term sustainability, and the factor behind our unique selling proposition which made us who we are today.

Customer Oriented

“Customer Is King” has always been Solid Digital’s number one policy. In every persepctive we maintained the very basic concept of placing our customers above all else. We ensure customers demands are met and feedbacks are heard.

Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility

In Solid Digital, we strongly uphold our role in social responsibility. We recommend recycled or recycleable fabric with eco printing ink in what we called Eco UV Printing Technology. Day after day we do our bit in protecting the environment, as well as trying to influence the society to jump into our bandwagon and execute their responsibility.

Terrific System, Working Facilities & Employees Development

Solid Digital places great emphasis in our core system and marketing endeavors. We are very aware of the importance of a foolproof system, and how effective communication could help streamline company’s business operations. The use of technology in our printing machines, software and IT facilities, logistic and transportation, employees efficiency program are some of the areas we have underlined in our blueprint of success.